Offices are places where countless number of visitors, clients, and other transacting public move throughout the day. This makes them more susceptible to unpredictable events. The surveillance cameras can protect the employees and the public from various types of problems and unwanted incidents.

The surveillance cameras installed can improve the overall communication between various departments and thus can increase the employees' productivity. Moreover, because the employees are aware that their activities are monitored, they don't fall into disputes and other time wasting activities which result an improved control over the employees.

With the installation of LAN, the Agency/ Office will be enabled to install and deploy either a standard CCTV or wireless/ IP-Based Video Security & Surveillance System, anywhere within its perimeter, hence, allowing for a constant monitoring not only of its offices but all other areas of interest.

The IP system of the surveillance camera provides the ability to store the footage on network servers, hard drives or NVR (network video recorder). This result in improved searching abilities and the old footage can be recollected whenever required. The surveillance system also provides the visual evidences of any criminal activity taking place inside or around the premises of the Office, hence, allowing the investigators to resolve the case with right evidences.

Aside from an integrated security management inside and within the premises of the Office, MBPS Cabling Corporation could also assist in transforming its deployment of Local Area Network (LAN), coupled with security and surveillance technology, into a tool which would allow the enterprise to perform other efficient tasks, such as traffic monitoring/ update and remote supervision and monitoring of construction sites and other distant or remote facilities