A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a Local Area Network (LAN) that doesn't rely on wired Ethernet connections. A WLAN can be either an extension to a current wired network or an alternative to it. Use of a WLAN adds flexibility to networking. A WLAN allows users to move around while keeping their computers connected "without" the traditional cables.

MBPS Cabling Corporation could assist you in making your Office and its premises a WiFi hotspot.

Because the wireless signal is broadcast, everybody therefore nearby can share it. Sharing of information becomes easier, again, "without" the traditional cables. However, several security precautions are necessary to ensure only authorized users can access your WLAN.

A WLAN signal can be broadcast to cover an area ranging in size from a small office to a large campus. Most commonly, a WLAN access point provides access within a radius of 65 to 300 feet.

Wireless LANs have become popular due to ease of installation, and the increasing popularity of laptop computers.